Boat trips on the Danube

chip decebal cazanele dunarii

Cruises among the Danube Boilers

Physical and mental relaxation is one of the main goals, every time you choose to go on vacation.
We invite you to discover with us, one of the most beautiful and appreciated tourist areas of Romania, the Danube Boilers, where you will be able to enjoy the landscape as it comes from the story, the clean air and the inner peace that the Danube Gorge can offer.



Date and time

Price / person: 50 lei route

Boat events

If you want to spoil your family we can offer all-inclusive (we come by boat, staff to serve food and entertainment as it encompasses). The boat has a capacity of 10 people, so you can organize a successful family party on the Danube.

For those who want to combine work and pleasure, organizing a small team building on the Danube is the simplest and most fun solution. We come with support for any need you have everything to be the most pleasant stay with your team.

We provide private party boats away from the eyes of the curious. We prioritize the events of this kind very carefully and focus on the fun, depending on the services offered and the duration of the party (over 4 hours) the prices may have small changes, all to be able to entertain you more and better.

transport la pensiuni

Transport to/from accomodations

We come to the pensions support with the possibility to offer their clients private transport by boat between the pensions and to the city, thus offering the guests the opportunity to feel as relaxed and to have all the fun in the area.

Your clients will benefit from private boat transport, and on their way to the pension, they will be able to enjoy the scenery and the enchanting beauty of the magnificent river.

Boat ride: Orsova – Large Boilers

Boat ride on the default route

Boat trips from the pontoon located in the city of Orsova on a predetermined fixed route: Orsova – Large Boilers with stop at Traiana Tabula, Small Boilers with stop at Decebal’s face and Mraconia monastery, Large Boilers with stop at Ponicova Cave and Grota Veterani.

Private boat rides on the desired route

Boat rental without personnel is possible as long as you have the license to drive the boat. You can customize the route as you wish, also depending on your requirements and wishes you can add to the package and serve the meal or the possibility of an offshore party.